What can Otter HR offer you?

Performance Management

Getting the best from your people is one of the most important elements to creating a successful business. Otter HR can help you deal with performance issues and make sure that you get the best from all of your people all of the time.

Some organisations worry about managing performance as they have concerns about the legal implications of ‘getting it wrong’. Others have had problems in the past with employee relationships which have gone wrong and potentially resulted in legal action. Otter HR are able to offer professional advice to help managers deal with these cases and in difficult situations will manage them directly.


In a world that is constantly changing, we believe that to neglect training can be a major barrier to the continued success of your business. But often even medium sized businesses find it a struggle to source and provide high quality training.

Otter HR can provide expert support to help you identify what training is key to the success of your business and help source what is needed at the most effective price.

Employee Benefits

Making sure that you get full value from your employee benefit spend can be difficult and complex. Do you want to pay just a base salary or would you be better splitting the spend between base pay and a bonus scheme?

Do you need to introduce other benefits, should you offer life cover, private medical and are your pensions provisions appropriate?


Getting the right people into your business can be a major challenge. In our experience getting the recruitment process wrong often results in problems later which should have been avoided.

At Otter HR we will help you really define the role and the skills that you are looking for, work out a plan to attract good candidates and ensure you have a robust selection process to make sure that you choose the best candidate.

Psychometric Testing

At Otter HR we believe that psychometric assessments can be a real help to Companies who want to improve performance or recruit the best people.

We are able to provide Thomas International Psychometric testing in house which means that we can offer this type of assessment quickly, easily and cheaply when it is appropriate to do so.