Case Examples

Company ‘a’ is a small company employing about 20 people. There had been a change in company management with the previous MD retiring and a new MD was appointed. One of the sales staff did not agree with the direction the new MD was taking the business. This was creating friction and becoming a distraction to the implementation of the new ways of working. Otter HR Services was able to provide coaching to the employee who soon realised that he was going to find the transition to the new management structure very difficult and that he may be better look for a role elsewhere. With coaching on his key strengths from Otter HR Services he soon found a new job and, while this was not the outcome expected when the process started, both the Company and the employee were happy with the outcome.

Company ‘b’ is a company employing 500 people. While they have their own HR department they wanted to implement a level of change which they were finding it difficult to manage internally. Otter HR Services were able to provide the guidance needed to implement new policies and procedures improving their recruitment, training and performance management in a way which allowed them to implement the change they needed.

Company ‘c’ is a large business who acquired a contract which involved some people joining them under the TUPE regulations. Otter HR Services were able to manage the TUPE transfer consultation and then complete the reorganisation which successfully consolidated the work into the existing business organisation.

Company ‘d’ is a business start up who were looking for advice on how to recruit and remunerate 20 people into a new business venture. Otter HR Services were able to provide detailed guidance on the local market, the best ways to find good people and what was needed to attract and retain them.